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I like to write stuff and make zines….

I am also Editor of  alternative culture publication La Bouche Zine. My work has been published in The New Internationalist, MelodyMaker, BULB Magazine, FANZINES (Thames and Hudson), LOVE Magazine, International Times, and of course, La Bouche…


My Books Include:

Liggers and Dreamers (to be published this year on Thin Man Press)

My beloved New Adult and New Age ‘Salt Kiss’ books, an ongoing series on Wattpad, where I am afeatured author.  The series has racked up over a million reads.

My e-novella ‘The Guest,’ described as ‘Derren Brown on the pull’ by Headpress, the gospel according to unpopular culture.

Over the years  I have been a lucky gal, interviewing Pete Doherty, John Pilger, The Fall, Bjork, Shazia Mirza, Aaron Baarshack, David Shayler, Dawn Penn and many others. If you like my chit chats, then read La Bouche…

I have conducted freelance editorial work for the likes of  reggae queen Dawn Penn and artist Mr Wim.