Liggers and Dreamers:
A Review by Heathcote Williams, September 2015
International Times, September 2015
Rooms Magazine, September 2015
Art Rabbit, September 2015
Vout O Rennees, September 2015
Diary at the centre of the Earth, September, 2015
International Times, April 2015

A Thousand Salt Kisses series:
Girl’s Life Magazine, June 2017
YA Books Central, May 2017
YA Books Central, September 2017
Book Worm for Kids, January 2017
Working Mommy Journal, January 2017
Radish Fiction,blog post 2016
Radish Fiction featured week, 2017
Wattpad Fintastic Authors

Under The Sea writing contest:
YA Book Central, August, 2018

The Guest:
Anorak Magazine/Madame Arcarti, 2012

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