Thousand Salt Kisses Series

Best-selling young adult novels present Starfish Island, a place where the magic world and the human world collide…

YA/NA Salt Kisses series – a new-age eco ‘mermance’ – has garnered nearly four million reads on story-telling site, Wattpad, and tens of thousands of reads on Radish Fiction app. The first three books from the series are now published and can be bought here:

Amazon UK
Amazon US

Praise for the series:

“This is a lovely romance, which unleashes butterflies in the stomach, warm-fuzzy feelings and a touch of mermaid magic to make a dream come true.” Bookworm for Kids

“A Thousand Salt Kisses was an amazing novel perfect for both young adults and adults alike. It is well written, a fantastic and interesting plot line that hooks you from the start. A definite must read for young adults and adults that love a good read.” Working Mommy Journal

“And what does a girl want to read by the seaside? Something with a sexy merman, of course!” Vic James, author of Dark Gifts Trilogy on A Thousand Salt Kisses

“A wonderful tale that goes deeper than the typical teen romance as it deals with real issues of growing up and the environment.” Brittanie Charmintine, author of Mermaids and the Vampires who Love Them.


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