A Thousand Salt Kisses Forever

salt kisses three books

Yup, delighted to say all three ‘Salt Kisses’ books are now published with Wise Ink. It’s been such a wonderful experience turning these books from the serials into these polished and beautifully covered stand alones!

Buy everywhere, or get it bit by bit on leading fiction all Radish Fiction!

Here’s the synopsis ….

Crystal White, formerly an ordinary human, is back together with her true love: the handsome, charming mer-prince Llyr. Granted supernatural abilities of her own that will allow her to live underwater, Crystal finally seems to have a shot at happiness with the man she’s waited for so long.

However, new obstacles both below and above the ocean stand in their way. The mers in Llyr’s undersea domain are becoming increasingly discontented by their relationship, and ancient denizens of the Black Seas are using it as an excuse to wage war. On shore, Crystal’s human friends learn of her secret love for the mer-prince, sending shockwaves across the land and sea.

With social pressures surrounding her above and all-too-physical threats lurking in the waters below, Crystal finds herself increasingly torn between two worlds. Will she and Llyr together conquer the dangers in their way, or will Crystal once more have to say farewell to her love below the waves?


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By josiespinksheep

I am a Writer, Journalist and the Editor of award winning alternative news n culture publication La Bouche Zine. I have had my work published in The New Internationalist, BULB Magazine, FANZINES (Thames and Hudson), LOVE Magazine and of course, La Bouche...

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