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I have put my debut e-novella ‘The Guest’ up on Kindle, Amazon.

It is (according to some nice people)….

“Derren Brown on the pull… the author deserves credit for espying this bold and relevant theme and fashioning it into a narrative that often moves with impressive momentum.”  Headpress, The Gospel according to unpopular culture

“A promising indication of an ability to explore the human psyche and its propensity to be manipulated by those around us.”  Granta 

‘Suskind meets Sweet Valley,’ The brixton poet

The Guest is a kind of  urban gothic-psycho-romance is about what happens when a dangerous and highly disturbed individual learns how to operate powerful psychological machinery.

Loaded with ‘weapons of mind control’ (stealth hypnosis and seduction technique) as well as his ‘sacred armory’ (a total lack of conscience), Gideon Gollightly poses under a collection of different guises, depending on the victim of his deceit. As a hopeless busker, his survival often depends on earning fast cash on the underground seduction circuit, occasionally mentoring unappealing clients on how to unlock the minds of attractive women. One day he meets April, a wealthy ‘hippy chick’ at Kings Cross station and sets about brainwashing her to suit his sordid and dysfunctional needs.

The Guest is a story about somebody who doesn’t play the game of life but who cheats, even when he is suddenly hit by a faint yet alien sensation of guilt and love…

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