Bjork Interview

Today I came across this interview which I carried out five years ago with one of my all time heros – Bjork!

It was conducted at an Icelandic radio station prior to a benefit gig in Rekjavik which Bjork was headlining in order to raise awareness to the effects of heavy industry in Iceland. This was originally published as part of a double page spread on eco-gigs for BULB magazine. This was just before everything went online (vintage, I know) and so I did not know a cyber version existed until now…

Read the full interview on environmental campaigners ‘Saving Iceland”s website.

By josiespinksheep

I am a Writer, Journalist and the Editor of award winning alternative news n culture publication La Bouche Zine. I have had my work published in The New Internationalist, BULB Magazine, FANZINES (Thames and Hudson), LOVE Magazine and of course, La Bouche...

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